Uplift.Africa is platform that uses modern technology to empower Africans to achieve their dreams. FOR AFRICANS BY AFRICANS FOR AFRICA...


It Began In Africa

What is Uplift.Africa?






UPLIFT.africa is a platform focused on using digital technology to help African entertainers hone, monetize and expose their talent. On UPLIFT.africa Entertainers can take their content to their audience directly.

Africa for Africans by Africans.
It is the of all Africans to entertain.

Throughout the ages Africa has always been a diverse wealth of talent, goodwill, hope and culture. Now, in an age were information is a global commodity, UPLIFT.africa gives Africans an opportunity to join the rest of the world in exposing, sharing and expressing their thoughts, ideas and solutions. Through UPLIFT.africa, Africans collaborate, dance, sing, teach, learn, build, sell, buy and dream.
UPLIFT.africa brings the power of the internet and technology to all Africans, whether urban or rural, giving them a path that begins at their hopes and ends with real impact, in real lives. Although the platform is currently focused on Entertainers UPLIFT.africa will expand to add more Africans from all walks of life. Listen and experience African culture of all kinds on UPLIFT.africa .

How it Works

  • Step 1

    Join UPLIFT.africa
    Join UPLIFT.africa as an entertainer, athelete, charity, cause or entrepreneur.
  • Step 2

    Complete your Profile
    Fill out your profile details and tell Africa about what you do, who are and what your aspirations are. Add your work whether its is music or a business idea pitch or even a video of you strutting your stuff.
  • Step 3

    Get Votes for your Profile
    Share your UPLIFT.africa content and your profile web address and get as many votes as you can.
  • Step 4

    Get Mentored

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Standard Membership

As a personal member you can do the following:

1.Stream and download anything on UPLIFT.africa

2.Buy anything on offer on UPLIFT.africa

3.Vote for any Creator on UPLIFT.africa

4.Participate in any campaigns on UPLIFT.africa

5.Share anything on UPLIFT.africa


Creators Membership

As a Creator you can add to UPLIFT.africa

1.Do everything Standard members can do

2.Sell, post share and advertise your content

3.Get votes and earn real cash on UPLIFT.africa

4.Get funding and increase your online following

5.Collaborate with other Creators.

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